Monday, April 09, 2007

Poor Little Rich Girl

I feel sorry for poor Dannielynn, the daughter of Anna Nicole Smith and someone else. I say it's Larry Birkhead. Howard Stern says he hopes it's him. What? I think that of the two men, Larry would be the better father. Why do I think this? Well, the other option is Howard K. Stern. He had been ANS's lawyer and then "boyfriend" and then "husband". That wasn't really a legal marriage, but whatever. I actually have always thought he is gay, not that there's anything wrong with that. But, Howard presided over the downfall and eventual death of Anna Nicole Smith. He not only did not keep her from using drugs, he got prescriptions filled in his name on her behalf. It goes beyond enabling. It seems criminal. But, that can't be right, can it? I mean he said he loved her more than life itself. And of course he would do anything for her. Within reason. Which apparently doesn't include staging an intervention. Or getting her medical help for her depression. Or anything really. While ANS was fighting a serious illness he took off and went who knows where. Then he came back, after she was dead. So, there is no way to blame him at all, is there? I mean if you aren't even present when someone dies, how can it in any way be your fault? Jeez. So tomorrow they are supposed to announce the results of the paternity test. What if it's Howard? Well, don't be surprised. I think it's possible that he paid off Larry to go along with the "results" of the test so that Howard can remain in control of Dannielynn's fortune. If ANS prevails in her lawsuit with the family of her late husband, that baby will be worth a LOT of money. He who controls the baby, controls the pursestrings.


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