Friday, May 11, 2007


I thought I was going to buy a house, but now I'm not sure. When I think about making myself settle for a house that is so much smaller than the apartment I live in, I get anxious. I can only afford a house in one town nearby. There are duplexes there that are in my price range. I want to have my own place again, I think. I didn't like cutting the grass or shoveling snow when I had a house in the past. I won't like it if I get another house, either. But, to be independent again is very appealing to me. I think that I will know if I find the right place. So far, none of the houses I have seen speaks to me. If you own a house, you know what I am talking about. I actually bid on a house and my bid was not accepted. I didn't care. I shouldn't have bid on it. I don't know why I did. It was nice enough. But, I had no feelings about it whatsoever. I think the bid was rejected, cosmically speaking, because it isn't the right house for me. I look around my apartment and I like it. I don't like the noise from the terribly busy street I live on. I don't like living next door to a building full of cretins who have the manners of barnyard animals. I don't like living in a building with a teenager who has a lot of rowdy friends. But, when I am inside my place and it gets quiet outside, I like it fine.


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