Sunday, July 30, 2006

Condi strikes out

The war is still going on between Israel and Lebanon. Lots of civilians getting killed. Today Lebanese attacked the UN offices. That seemed to satisfy their bloodlust for the moment. The frustration level is off the charts. Right now, Hezbollah claims they would go along with a cease fire. Apparently, Israel doesn't feel the need to cease firing. Condi took her peace proposal to the M.E. and included is a multi-national "rebuild Lebanon" check. I really resent my money being spent to rebuild a country that is still in the middle of a war. My money should stay here in the U.S. and rebuild the hurricane ravaged Gulf coast.

Monday, July 17, 2006


I guess I should note that war has broken out for real between Israel and Lebanon. Missiles, rockets, the whole nine yards. Blowing shit up back and forth. It would seem that Iran has purposely stirred the shit up while the G8 summit is going on. Everything is politics. What's that they say about timing? Anyway, lots of people getting injured and killed. Lots of buildings and roads and bridges destroyed. Fucking tribal war.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Most people aren't that bright

Americans are more divided politically than at any other time in my memory. And the troubling thing about that is the fact that people are not willing to talk about their differences. We are a nation of haters. I will admit, I think my beliefs are right. Theirs are wrong. But, I have no malice toward the people who voted Republican last time around. I just don't understand them. Millions of the people who fear homosexuals to the extent that they would deny them their rights are calling themselves "Christians". I'm pretty sure Christ would have a problem with hate-mongering at funerals. But, maybe we aren't talking about the same Christ. I was raised Catholic. I stopped going to church when I realized that I was at odds with some of the most fundamental Catholic doctrines. In the years since, the priest/pedophile scandals sort of confirmed my belief that this was not the church for me. I guess some folks who have gone to church every Sunday for their entire lives, believe they are good people. Some of them are. A lot of churchgoers have abdicated their brains to their church. They are most comfortable following like biblical sheep, rather than thinking things through. They get their political direction from the pulpit. Blindly following the directives of a minister. That is my problem with so many red voters. They would be only too happy to amend the constitution to make weekly attendance at a Christian church mandatory. And they wouldn't understand why it would be wrong.