Saturday, February 17, 2007

We'll See

I went to the orthopedic guy last week. He wants me to go to physical therapy and he prescribed an anti-inflammatory. He believes my problems are all related to the arthritis in my spine and should be helped by strengthening my core. We'll see. I figure I get the benefit of joining a gym, but the insurance company pays for it, not me. Also, I kind of have to show up twice a week, so that's good. I was inspired to try again to lose some weight while I'm at it. So, I looked into the Mediterranean diet, which is pretty close to how I eat anyway. Except for the fish part. I don't really like fish. I will try to find something I will eat, since fish is a staple on this diet. The main principle of the plan is trying to stay away from processed foods, sugar, and white flour. More veggies. Like that. We'll see.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

I've been poor

I've never been rich. I've had more than enough money. That was back when I was first married. We both worked and had nice cars and money in the bank. Even after I had kids and was staying home with them, there was more than enough money. After my divorce, there has been just enough. I get tired of living like this. I am literally one paycheck away from financial disaster. I do have great credit, though. I could buy anything, including a car, on my credit cards. But, as for cash, not so much. Living like this affects your life in a lot of different ways. I believe that I would be a generous person, if I had more than enough. If I were wealthy, I would be a philanthropist. I know how I would use my money to benefit others. I wonder how many people there are like me, who would use their wealth to help others. And how many people there are who have wealth, but not generosity. I know one thing. If you are poor, really poor, the first thing you should do is sell your television (providing you have one, that is). Children who are poor don't need the constant bombardment of ads teasing them with things they can't have. It leads to frustration. I imagine children might feel that they are being punished for something. Of course, they will never figure out what that something is. But, the feelings of not having what it seems that everyone else has, must stay with a child for the rest of his life. They would be better off spending their time playing and reading anyway. My kids always had everything they needed and then some. By the time I sold my house (had to) I had accumulated quite a bit of debt. But, I didn't mind. My kids never knew we didn't have much money because they got to have everything the other kids had (within reason) and they had new clothes and shoes and backpacks for school. I always knew that the day would come that I would sell the house and pay off the debt and I did that. I wouldn't do anything differently. I do wonder what my life would have been like if I had more than enough money during those times.


So, my I decided to try a different exercise program. Our cable network has a lot of different exercise and fitness programs. I chose the yoga. Next day, I was so sore I couldn't lift my arms. That's enough of that. Back to the one I started with.