Wednesday, June 21, 2006


How awful must it be to sit around waiting to die? There is a guy across the street who reminds me of my dad during his last year. He had this look about him that said " I am just waiting to die." He knew. This guy just sort of wanders around the building, nothing pressing to do. No place he needs to go.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Week Two

So I begin the second week of recovery from my operation. I still have a lot of pain. I have stopped taking the Vicodin cause it makes me sick. Tylenol 3 with codeine isn't strong enough. So there is pain. Such a drag. Being home from work could be so much fun if not for the pain.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Last year at this time I was recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Now I am recovering from surgery on my thumb joint. I hate the first week after an operation. Mainly because of the PAIN! But also because I can't do things like type normally. I am typing like my boss, one finger at a time. I keep thinking of this bit that George Karlin did..."fuckin meow!" is all I remember. Anyone know the bit? Anyhow, I will muddle through.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

One for us

So we got us a bad guy in the war. Yippee. Now can we go home? The thing about Muslim fanatics is, there is always another one. Sounds hopeless doesn't it? If we really want to win the war against the insurgents, Bush and his minions need to get serious. Bring everyone in. There shouldn't be an American soldier, sailor, or marine left in a military post in any friendly city in the world. Then, spend every dime that is presently going to foreign governments for subsidies of questionable validity, on arming the troops. Then, go medieval on their asses.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Goodbye Tony, Carmella, Christopher et al

How crazy was the season (series?) finale of The Sopranos? Tony actually said, "Love to Finn!" I almost puked.
I am all atwitter awaiting the start of Deadwood. It is the best show. I know I am obsessing. I'll stop.
Almost a year ago I had shoulder surgery. I was just reading some of my posts from that time. You can tell I am not completely clean and sober (prescribed painkillers). I said that I never wanted to have surgery again. Guess what? Next week I have to have surgery on my hand! Then sometime down the road I have to have surgery on my other hand! Can't be avoided. I am unable to open jars and bottles, can't pump gas in my car, and have a difficult time turning the key in my ignition. And I use a computer all day at work. So I kind of need my hands. I wore out my thumb joints typing. Not terribly glamorous, right? I am scared to have this surgery. Probably because I am still traumatized by last July's surgery. But, I look forward to having this problem fixed.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I am a Deadwood addict

I am proud to say it. I love that show more than any other, and I love a lot of t.v. shows. Deadwood is special. The writing is so intelligent that you cannot wander off or you will be lost. I like that. The language is rough, so if you are sensitive, please move on. You would blush and hyperventilate. For the rest of you, the language is rough because people spoke that way in certain social circles of that era in the American West. In fact, the curse words they used were hell and damn and like that. But, back then, those words sounded just like cocksucker, cunt and fuck do today. I have a fascination with life in the old west and Deadwood satisfies that primal need to know what life was like before I got here. I am preoccupied with how things must have smelled. I imagine the stench in the air would be similar to our standing next to a dumpster that needs to be emptied. People rarely bathed and they didn't brush their teeth...yech. The actors on Deadwood are talented and dedicated to this show. HBO in their infinite stupidity have decided not to renew the series for next season. My fellow addicts and I have let HBO know the magnitude of our disgust with their ill advised plan. We hold out hope that someone will save our show and we wait like expectant fathers for the season opener.