Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stay or Go?

Today I told my boss that I interviewed for a job. He was quite shocked, although he knows I am continually frustrated with this company. So is he. The difference is that he is only 2 years from retirement. I have no hope of ever retiring. Those 10 years I took to raise my kids put me at least that many years behind everyone my age who didn't take time off for kids. I have to think about my future. I also need to make more money. He had said he would try to get more money for me in January when it is expected that there will be some personnel changes. One of those will be our assistant getting canned (finally!). That means more work for me, which is fine because I am bored out of my skull right now. The business is beyond slow and I hate sitting around doing nothing. He said that I just need to hang on for a couple of years and then I will move to his office. That's not guaranteed. I don't make any assumptions about that. The main problem is that our management is weaker than granny's tea. There is not one good manager in the entire company. Including mine. There are people who know about our products and have expertise that is useful to the company, but not one of them understands how to manage people. The president makes snide remarks about how ineffective our sales department is. He is the only one in any position to change that. Why doesn't he do something! Anyway, my phone interview was a couple of weeks ago. There are two positions open and the company is international and very well respected. I imagine they are inundated with resumes. At least I hope that's why I haven't gotten another call. I don't know what I will do for sure if they offer me the position. Starting over again does not appeal to me. Making more money and working for a big company does.